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YAK-AEROSIB continues... but this page is no longer updated!

Please visit the new YAK-AEROSIB webpage hosted by AERIS

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The YAK-AEROSIB (Airborne Extensive Regional Observations in SIBeria) project aims to establish systematic airborne observations of the atmospheric composition over Siberia. More »

YAK-AEROSIB is a bilateral cooperation coordinated by researchers from LSCE in France and IAO in Russia, involving teams from several laboratories in both countries, and active in several international collaborations. Coordination: Jean-Daniel Paris (LSCE, FR) and Boris D. Belan (IAO, RU). More »

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  • 6 Dec. 2018 Prof. Igor Razenkov has given a seminar on “Backscatter enhancement lidar” at the occasion of a visit of scientists from IAO Tomsk to LATMOS in Jussieu, Paris.
  • NEW YAK-AEROSIB Memorandum of understanding signed renewing the collaboration
  • 8 & 9 Nov. 2017 YAK-AEROSIB presented at the 11th session of the French-Russian Joint Committee for scientific and technologic cooperation in Paris

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